The Agent Experience
A tax concierge by your side
Our Agent experience begins with a personal consultation with your dedicated accountant, who will gain a deep understanding of your financial and personal goals. But it doesn’t stop there - your accountant is always available by text, email, and phone to help navigate all of your tax questions.
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A bespoke tax strategy plan
Your expert accountant will provide a bespoke analysis of your current tax plan, along with hands on guidance for activating all the wealth-saving strategies available to you. And with Agent’s intuitive dashboard, you can instantly visualize the projected savings of each move.
An effortless filing process
Agent’s streamlined dashboard allows you to effortlessly upload and organize all the necessary documents in just a few clicks. With transparent progress tracking and concierge support, you can be confident that your returns are handled with precision and filed with perfection.
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on a mission
To give you the life-changing clarity of knowing your finances are achieving their highest potential.
Taxes are one of life’s few certainties. But everything else has changed.
Our finances have never been more complicated. Our demand for efficient, effortless service has never been higher. But the process of doing our taxes remains wildly behind the times - and it’s letting everyone down.
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“I’ve always enjoyed optimizing our family’s finances and finding every advantage out there. But the complexity of taxes left me with a major blind spot. I realized I had been missing out on countless opportunities and leaving a lot of money on the table.”
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"My financial situation had gotten too complicated for Turbotax and there wasn’t really a modern alternative. While every other part of my life (from investing to ordering takeout) had gotten a tech upgrade, the process of doing my taxes was still frustratingly old school."
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"As a tax advisor, I’ve seen my client’s finances become super incredibly - they’re investing in opportunity zones, hedge funds, and crypto, working on side hustles, earning equity, and setting up trusts. Yet I was stuck trying to track everything in Excel."
We’re working
to change taxes,
for good.
Bringing together our tech and tax expertise, and experience at firms like CohnReznick to Cadre serving clients with net worth ranges from $1M to $500M+, our team is dedicated to improving the entire tax process.
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"Agent is an amazing opportunity for technological transformation. We have the power to make taxes infinitely more proactive, seamless, and so much smarter. It’s an ambitious project and it’s exciting to be part of it."
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"In my previous experiences, I wished that we had the power to automate all of the data entry so I could focus on coming up with the most creative solutions for our clients. Agent's building those superpowers for me."
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"It’s incredible to create a product and immediately think ‘how did I live without this?'"
We want to help you seize every opportunity ahead of you. To identify and activate all the wealth-savings strategies available. And to know for certain that your finances are achieving their highest potential.
And we’re just
getting started.
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Agent is backed by investors with deep expertise in consumer products, fintech, and tax.
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Ramp, ColumnTax, Coinbase, Figs, Capital, Goldman Sachs, and more.
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